As the title states we are whitelisting the server for a few minutes to an hour to try and figure out why it's happening. we pretty much know why, now its to isolate the problem and not crash it. 


Update: Server has been crashing regularly.  Number of possible issues.  Reviewing log files, player behaviour, etc.  Looking to fix this ASAP.  We're whitelisting for 60 mins just to slowly digest what's going on.

Do not log in using a chat app such as MineChat or PickAxeChat (or if you do, make sure you've set the server version to 1.12).  I'll tempban players who abuse this.

Update 2: Turns out /spawn is causing issues, so I've taken permission away from users to use that command right now.  Staff can still use the command, but it crashes the server.

Update 3: We've got a temporary fix.  Everything looks stable, but we'll keep an eye on it.  People are able to die and respawn normally, but we'll keep /spawn and /suicide out of reach for now.  Chat apps appear to work OK too, but some people opt to automatically /spawn when they do (which won't work).  I suggest doing /warp townington as soon as you log in via one of these Chat apps.

Update 4: Fixed.  Shouldn't cause the server to crash anymore.


While Falconer02 sorts out his epic event (and it is an EPIC event), here's some TNA trivia to keep you busy!

The link is in the menu bar above or here.

Runs for the month of July, and the rules are simple:

  • Enter as many times as you like
  • First response to a question is your final answer
  • Winner takes all!

Top scorer receives a Legendary Item, a set of Poly Gear AND a steam game (Choice of Fallout New Vegas, Don't Starve Together OR CS:GO).

All the trivia are questions based off The Noob Adventures series.  Good luck!

lso, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Drop in for an hour to unlock /KIT UNCLESAM2018 for some extra stuff! Spend some Firework Tokens at Legendary Larry's booth in Townington! Festivites end at 11:59 PM on July 7th!

It's been a little over a month since the last update, so I just thought I'd post something to let you know what's up.

The animation for Wild Diamonds episode 2 should be done sometime this week. From there, we just need to wait on music and Element Animation's release schedule, so hopefully it will be an early July release!

As of today, the server is still owed 2 major legendary events, and we're slowly gearing up for one of the biggest ones we've ever thrown. This one will span across not only our server, but you'll have to venture through other games as well to find specific hints! More info to come in the coming weeks.

Here it is! I teamed up with Element Animation to work on a short series this year. Here's the first episode! The second one should be out in June! Hope you like it!

Next up! Archery Legendary Event! We scavenged a powerful bow that anyone should want, so we thought we'd find the best archer on the server to give it to! There will be 5 courses to determine the best archer in the server with each one becoming more difficult! And no, you can't practice at these courses and there are several regulations you must adhere to, so sign up on this thread and be there Sunday!

Also! 1.13 is coming this summer, so let us know what you think we should do with our current world! Check out this thread and vote!

So we had some pretty epic April Fools jokes this month. Incase you fell for a few of them, I will spell them out:

No, we are not adding the fake "Cheat Check" plugin. If you were mad by this prank and voiced your disdain, you should be proud!

No, I'm not quitting animation in favor of making simple games. New animation coming out soon!

The April 1st kit was just a bunch of mediocre items. If you waited a bit longer, you got a special Easter kit! And new players got quite a surprise!

Yes, the 2nd Legendary Event was not a fun looting event and was actually a social experiment to gauge how players react to a sudden change in environmental variables. Dreamermike is working on making this event a staple on the server!


3rd Legendary Event this month!

Also Castman is starting a Weekly Build spotlight! Click here to check it out!

A happy Easter to you all! When you're done visiting family, hop on the server for 2 special events! First up is the Easter Defense event. The Easter Bunny is under heavy fire from various factions and wildlife! Protect the cute rabbit from harm while he takes his break, and he'll reward you all handsomely when he's ready to continue his journey! Sunday @ 7:00 PM CST! Be there! Need a time converter? Click here!

Second event tonight? We recently discovered a large and old abandoned region. Within it was a player's will that said he wanted his region to be looted by any available players. Have you ever been to one of our looting brigades? It's sort of like that, except PvP will be off and you have to start with nothing! Who knows what lies in the ol' holiday home? Rare items? A legendary!? JUNK!? Beware any random mobs that might be lurking about! If you manage to get yourself killed, you can't re-enter! Be careful! Sunday @ 8:00 PM CST! Be there!

What else is new? This is the time of the year (March, April) when the winter blues is slowly disappearing and EVERYONE is busy with a lot of school, work, or other activities. We tend to use this time to plan out spring and summer events when we're not busy ourselves! Some of the staff are working on a putting together a Podcast and a weekly build showcase-- more info on that will be released later of course. Most importantly though, we are adding an important slick new plugin to cut back on potential hackers and modders! It's very important you read up on it as we want to make sure all of our players understand how it works. Click here to read more!

Lastly...on a very sad note...I've finally given up on animating. I've watched the world of media as it is for quite a few years now and realized it's just not worth it anymore. I had to cancel a few projects due to this decision (including TSC and another secretive MC cartoon), but fortunately I'm pursuing my second favorite hobby-- making games! I've actually been working on an exciting adventure game for the last 3 years in my spare time, and you can finally try the beta version of it here before I release it on Steam and the PSN!

Download Link (5 Mb)

Give it a quick playtest and then do me a favor by letting me know what you think about it in this thread!

Xx_Dark_PvP_Hacker_xX is BACK and he's been spotted amassing a mob army to take over Townington! Unfortunately it looks like he'll arrive to our city on the server's 6th birthday. Until we take him down, all birthday events are suspended! If we can vanquish him, expect an epic party! Be ready for battle!

After the event, I (and possibly Gaylord) will be doing a Q+A Event/Stream. More details will be coming soon on where to be, so check back on this post. To keep things situated and running smoothly, we'll first take questions from this thread and then move onto random questions you might have. So if you have a question and don't think you'll be able to make it, post it there!

Also, happy St. Patrick's day! Play for 20 minutes this weekend to get the leprechaun kit! We're letting run until Sunday night!

He's at it again, mercs. The leader of the Mob Alliance is calling us out and wants to do battle! Any veteran player can tell you that Varson is arguably the hardest mob boss on the server. Even with a dozen well-armed fighters, we probably don't stand a chance. But if we're lucky, we'll end him and grab his loot. But be warned! If you die, you're out of the event and won't be rewarded. This is definitely a tough one and not for the faint of heart! Be there Sunday @ 6:00 PM CST Good luck!


Late Feb through April are our notoriously slow months since everyone is busy with school and work, but that's not stopping us from doing more events! The server's 6th birthday is coming up soon, so that will be our next major event! Also, I'll be announcing big animation-oriented news later this month. I've told a few people on the server already, so here's a quick visual of some backgrounds from it... 

Stay tuned for more updates!

A strange polaroid came in the mail box at Admin Tower recently.

I guess we should all be in front of Townington later today?


Falconer02 posted Feb 2, 18

Not much else to say! Be ready for a raging battle while the Super Bowl halftime show airs! Tier 5 is unlocked super early this month, so grab your gear and get ready!