The first October Halloween-themed event is later today! This is like a Loot or Junk event with a major twist: some chests might spark a dangerous curse on the audience! So if you dare play, remember to bring weapons, armor, food, and potions! The rules are simple:

1.) Once you enter the warp or play by answering the horror trivia questions, you cannot leave the gameshow arena until the event is over (usually around an hour).

2.) You can only win 3 times. If you win more than that, please remain quiet and prepare for any dangerous curses that may be thrown onto the audience.

3.) Spelling counts! Full names, full movies titles, etc. A person that spells the answer wrong will not be rewarded unless nobody else answers correctly.

Collect all the Spirit Gems you can this month! A ragtag faction has emerged known as "The Monster Squad" and they're looking for potential new members who are dedicated to fighting the undead. Ever see the 1987 classic film? Anyway, you can visit their HQ at /Warp MonsterSquad and grab some custom gear for battling the undead. In the coming weeks, you're gonna need it...

Also a quick shout out to the anonymous donator who added 180 days to our site! You rock! Thanks a ton!

Trick or treat, everyone! I just uploaded a Halloween resource pack for the month of October. This resource pack is mainly comprised of music, so the amount of textures that have changed are low. Only a select few entities have had their texture changed.

This pack is a heftier one, so when is asks if you want to download it and you say yes, it’ll seem like nothing happened. Just wait a minute and it’ll start downloading. Don’t be discouraged if you disconnect from the download. It should work when you reconnect.

If the resource pack still doesn’t seem to be working, consider erasing your previous cached resource packs in your Minecraft folder. More info on how to do that here.

Larry is looking for mercinaries to protect him as he builds up his final tan before the summer season comes to an end! Mob spies have found his private beach from last year, and he's worried they will return to end his life due to his constant aid to the playerbase. Join us Sunday @ 6:30 PM CST to defend Larry, kill any intruders, grab rare treasures, and get a custom legendary item! Bring the sun tan lotion!

Note: There may be a few glitches during the event due to the state of the 1.13.1 update and the plugins we use (example: some custom mob attacks may not work). This may both benefit and cause some problems during the event. Worst case scenario we will move it to next week if we encounter problems before we begin!

Also! New world! Moving thread here!

1.13 Update!

Falconer02 posted Sep 2, 18

(This news post is a week late, but) Finally! And we didn't have to wait as long as usual! The entire MC community has been pretty good with getting this update sorted out, and the TNA staff has been amazingly diligent in getting things up and running. We've decided to do a world move. Players will be able to move their items and builds as soon as the staff has sorted out and moved the warps and the lock plugin gets an update.

Pengi is working on a "rules" thread on transferring builds. With the updates in the "World Edit" plugin, huge builds shouldn't be too resource-intensive, so large builds will be able to transfer. I imagine the thread can be summed up with saying "No crappy builds!", though there will obviously be more rules than that! Obviously you'll need to select a space and mark it out accordingly for us once the new world opens up to all.


Kit 4 was unlocked in August, so this kit will be updated and extended till Friday the 7th. Any donations between now and then will go towards September goals of course.

EDIT 9/7- Legendary Event has been cancelled due to server updating issues and will probably happen next weekend. Sorry about that! Mythic Mobs as well as a handful of other plugins are still down, so unfortunately that means we cannot host any major events that rely on plugins.

Server move link here: SERVER MOVE 2018


Falconer02 posted Aug 21, 18

Many years ago, a player who wasn't very good at creating video games and server events mysteriously disappeared. Before his departure, he wished to host a legendary event. It is believed that he was killed in a tragic real-life accident, and the event he wished our playerbase to partake in wasn't finished and remained hidden...until now.

The administators recently stumbled across his region. While accidentally clicking a button, new events, enemies, and areas were unlocked throughout the server. Further inspection indicated this was meant for the playerbase to solve and win the treasures the Game Maker had created.

On friday @ 4:30 PM CST, report to the Townington Market and prepare for a quest unlike any in TNA history! Not only will your Minecraft skills be tested, but your arcade skills as well! Be sure to be on a decent laptop or PC when you do this one and have a decent connection so you can download a few games!

The winner shall receive a powerful legendary and the keys to the Game Maker's estate. This will include whatever he left in his home before his untimely death. Participants will find some amazing treasures as well! Good luck!

Episode 2 came out about 10 hours ago, so go watch it! Go sub to Element Animation too if you haven't! Also remember to click the notification bell because Youtube has brought hell to animators for years now. Also lmk what you think of it!


If you haven't noticed, we have added a "Fan Art" tab up top. Go ahead and peruse through it all! It's in the early works still, so if you have TNA or server-related artwork you've done in the past (including pixel/block art!), please submit it here and we'll put it up ASAP!


The next massive legendary event is slowly taking shape. I'd say it's about halfway done. The reason for the delay is my summer has been insanely busy as I'm juggling one job, teaching at another, and animating a series! As I write this, I have 2 more weeks till things start to cool off and the staff and I will finally release this event. It's going to be a challenging one, so I hope you've got nerves of steel!


1.13 has arrived and we are very aware of it! We're currently tidying up the server for any potential moves we do make in the future. Currently we are waiting on a stable build of Spigot (our plugin-holder), so please don't ask us when it will come out as we're at the mercy of their awesome team launching it. If you're interested to know whats up, refer and post questions in this thread!

If you haven't done so, please participate!  Costs nothing, you could win a Legendary!

As the title states we are whitelisting the server for a few minutes to an hour to try and figure out why it's happening. we pretty much know why, now its to isolate the problem and not crash it. 


Update: Server has been crashing regularly.  Number of possible issues.  Reviewing log files, player behaviour, etc.  Looking to fix this ASAP.  We're whitelisting for 60 mins just to slowly digest what's going on.

Do not log in using a chat app such as MineChat or PickAxeChat (or if you do, make sure you've set the server version to 1.12).  I'll tempban players who abuse this.

Update 2: Turns out /spawn is causing issues, so I've taken permission away from users to use that command right now.  Staff can still use the command, but it crashes the server.

Update 3: We've got a temporary fix.  Everything looks stable, but we'll keep an eye on it.  People are able to die and respawn normally, but we'll keep /spawn and /suicide out of reach for now.  Chat apps appear to work OK too, but some people opt to automatically /spawn when they do (which won't work).  I suggest doing /warp townington as soon as you log in via one of these Chat apps.

Update 4: Fixed.  Shouldn't cause the server to crash anymore.


While Falconer02 sorts out his epic event (and it is an EPIC event), here's some TNA trivia to keep you busy!

The link is in the menu bar above or here.

Runs for the month of July, and the rules are simple:

  • Enter as many times as you like
  • First response to a question is your final answer
  • Winner takes all!

Top scorer receives a Legendary Item, a set of Poly Gear AND a steam game (Choice of Fallout New Vegas, Don't Starve Together OR CS:GO).

All the trivia are questions based off The Noob Adventures series.  Good luck!

lso, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Drop in for an hour to unlock /KIT UNCLESAM2018 for some extra stuff! Spend some Firework Tokens at Legendary Larry's booth in Townington! Festivites end at 11:59 PM on July 7th!

It's been a little over a month since the last update, so I just thought I'd post something to let you know what's up.

The animation for Wild Diamonds episode 2 should be done sometime this week. From there, we just need to wait on music and Element Animation's release schedule, so hopefully it will be an early July release!

As of today, the server is still owed 2 major legendary events, and we're slowly gearing up for one of the biggest ones we've ever thrown. This one will span across not only our server, but you'll have to venture through other games as well to find specific hints! More info to come in the coming weeks.