Loot or Junk IV!!!

Falconer02 posted Jan 12, 18

More psychotic trivia coming Saturday! Rules are simple--

1.) NO SPAMMING. Mutes and jail time will be given out to those who are rude.

2.) Use visible color codes for your public chat text. No dark purples or blues please!

3.) There are 30 questions. Players are limited to 3 wins. If a player wins 3 times and continues to blurt out answers, they will be muted for an hour.

4.) Spelling counts!...for the first minute. If nobody answers the question after a full minute and one player gives a mispelled correct answer, they will be given the prize.

5.) Funny answers will gain you points. The person with the funniest amount of answers at the end of the game will get a special choice between 2 chests. One will contain loot, one junk. It is recommended this not be your primary objective though!

More will be posted here later so stay tuned!

Krampus is taking a final stab at the player base and hoping to hold the territory at /WARP WALL. Be ready Saturday to finish off his forces and usher in the New Year! Beware any tricks up his sleeve...

2 years ago, we scaled up Murder Mountain, found Santa-Bot 3000's evil workshop, and put an end to it's production of evil. Now, Krampus has returned to ransack Santa-Bot's frozen dead factory for any technology he can get his hands on. He is arriving with his airship armada! Your mission is to locate any lost technology within the mountain and destroy it. If we're lucky, we'll get a shot at Krampus and his airships. A strong legendary is bound to be somewhere in here.

Also, starting Thursday...

Enough said! If you'd like to see the books in their raw form, you can check them out here (small zip file with jpgs). There's also an event coming next week, and if you're a veteran player I think you know what it is!

Update: THE FAL-MART BLACK FRIDAY LEGENDARY EVENT HAPPENS THIS FRIDAY @ 4:30 CST! Wondering when that is? Use this Time Converter to figure it out yourself! Or just join our Steam Group and you'll get a warning 10-15 minutes before it happens. There's plenty of unique items at Fal-Mart this year so show up, grab some free items, and bust some skulls open!

But that's not all! If you donated this month, you'll get into the event 10-15 seconds early if you're on before the event begins! This can also be achieved by buying an entry token with Enjin points HERE (limited quantity)!

...But wait! There's more! Fal-Mart is actually only half of the event! After the store is cleared out, be ready for another event taking place right after where you can get even more goods for your insane desires! More info will be released during the event...

...oh and we'll also be holding events on Thanksgiving throughout the day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!

Allied forces have discovered that the Count has made Helmsdeep his new home! His undead forces have evolved the look, and it is now an area full of peril! We need to take back the keep, find Cel Tradat, and send him back to the blocky hell he was spawned from. Legendary Larry will be in the area if you have any spirit gems you haven't spent! Fight, collect any rare items, and maybe you'll find a legendary weapon? Good luck!


TSC Episode 1 is done and we're currently awaiting the music to be finished. My good German pal Chris Schlee is hard at work doing it at the moment, so hopefully it will be done within 1-2 weeks. It's over 7 minutes long and there are 5 major segments, so that's a lot of work! Nevertheless, November release imminent!

Another event is happening Saturday! Pengi is hosting a fundraiser to support children's hospitals, so tune in on Twitch this Saturday and donate to the cause if you can! Any player who does so will get their donation also thrown onto our monthly donator goal tiers also (Current example- GUYWITHFACE7! Thanks, bro!). Be an altruist and check it out, won't ya?

We're going crazy with the legendary events this month! You know the drill! Gear up and prepare to hunt for an evil doctor friday night! 

Chupa has been hard at work on a rigorous halloween event. 4 players will be stripped of all gear, muted, and thrown into the mansion. They must find their way out with only their wits and whatever items they can find along the way. Those who manage to successfully navigate the mansion will find themselves winning some rare and epic prizes!

The event will be held 1-2 times per day depending on population, so if you gather a team, we will likely open the event for you. Good luck!

Pengi's (imaginary) friends are going to host a 25-Hour gaming charity challenge on their Twitch stream November 4th-5th. All proceeds go to the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. Any player who wants to help out via donate, add your ign or pm Pengi. He'll give you something in game as a thanks! Oh, and it will also be added to November's donation goals for the server as well.


Pengi's Extra Life Group

2 more major events are on the horizon before Halloween, so check back soon!

Halloween DEFENSE event Sunday @ 6:00 PM CST! Monstrous forces are heading toward the Iron Golem's farmstead and they need support! Just by showing up, you'll be granted access to the Golem's cache of goods spread around the area! If you successfully defend the farmstead, expect even greater rewards that include a Legendary and prize keys! Expect heavy resistance and new enemies! Good luck!

Need to know when this event is or would you like a reminder? Sign up on on Steam Group or do the math through the worldclock converter link!

The Renegade Faction is attempting to resurrect a powerful ancient vampire king by spilling the blood of an innocent villager! Join us this Saturday to stop them! Succeed in defending the villager's life OR defeat the vampire king for epic prizes! Legendary Larry will be there looking for unique undead items, so the more you kill off the Renegades or the undead forces, the better the chance you have at retrieving the Legendary he's selling! Good luck!

OTHER HALLOWEEN NEWS: There has been some massive planning and coordination going on with the staff since mid-September for our October events, so expect larger and larger events every week this month! The Tier IV kit comes out friday night!

OTHER NEWS: Because TSC was dormant for much of the summer, I'm slowly getting back to work on it at a steady pace. As you can see from my final timeline below, there is almost 6 minutes of footage completed. The final product should have anywhere between 6-7 minutes, so I'm getting pretty close. I'm currently working on the final 'book' animation, but I might add one more super-short one that's only 25 seconds long. I'm REALLY hoping for a November release. After that, if people do enjoy it, I'm thinking of just doing an animated book a month or something rather than these long episodes due to wait times. What do you think? Comment below! Also, stay tuned!

"Strange Brew"

Falconer02 posted Sep 21, 17

No, it's not some obscure comedy from the early 80's! It's a server event!

What to do:

Create recipes using ingredients with what Minecraft has to offer. Make your own custom potion! It can range from a simple juice to hard liquor! The possibilities are endless! What we’re looking for is creativity and something different than what we already have.

You can submit up to 5 recipes. If you have a recipe that’s already in our list, I will tell you (or edit your post) so you would have another chance to submit another recipe up.

Event ends November 1st, 2017

Click here to join the event! Remember to read the rules!