Christmas Wishlists!

dreamermike1 @ noobadventures.beas...
posted Dec 14, 18

Have you mailed your wishlist to staff and Santa yet?

Drop them in the mailbox at /warp townington or /warp santasvillage!

Last chance to move!

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posted Dec 13, 18

Pack your things!  2 weeks left!

First off...

On Thursday the 22nd there will be a few random events involving a certain Thanksgiving Chic...Turkey Mob. Be ready for it! But on Friday...

It's finally here! Fal-Mart is having it's annual sale on all server items! Rush in to loot...EVERYTHING!!! Tons of god and poly tools on clearance! Unique armor and weapons on every shelf! Enjin point coupons, Townington silver coins, Elytras, and OP pots found in every chest! Not to mention a LEGENDARY item stashed away in one of the chests!

Be careful though! Mob forces have been spotted lining up outside Falmart super early this year! They're here for the same reason you will be, so be prepared to do battle before Fal-Mart opens so you can get in the doors first, crush some skulls, and add to the Black Friday death count!

Here's the unofficial countdown clock!

But that's not all! If you donated this month, you'll receive an entry token to get into the event 10-15 seconds early if you're on before the event begins! This can also be achieved by buying an entry token with Enjin points HERE!

In other news:

Cast set up a TNA IG account! So if you want to make sure you see all of our future events and randomness, start following! 
IG: thenoobadventures

Wild Diamonds episode 3 is about 80% done and will probably be the longest episode yet! Here's a few screens of the early parts of the episode. Stay tuned.


Falconer02 posted Nov 9, 18

It's been a while since we've done Dodgeball Mania! Even if you don't win the Legendary, there's still plenty of loot to grab! ...except for one chest which will have dirt in it. So be there tomorrow at 4:30! Rules are simple:

1.) No items or buffs in the dodgeball arena.

2.) Each player can only win 3 rounds total.

See you there!

Yo TNA folks, the yearly charity I do with my group of friends is coming back around this time! Its called Extra Life. Pretty much, my friends and I will be doing a 12 hr gaming stream this year. For where the donations go, we choose a hospital of our choice and every donation goes to said hospital. They can choose to like buy hospital supplies or buy games for the children to play. The hospital we chose is the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. 

Falc's being awesome and said that anyone who donates for server (use the link I give you that goes to my page, all donations with your IGN will be automatically added in enjin) in the first 3 days of November will be going to charity :). So pretty much you'll get his usual and youll also get some as thanks from me! 

You can get more information at this post. 

Also here's the twitch handle for the stream! 


Falconer02 posted Oct 30, 18

The Monster Squad has tracked down the resurrected Winston Steambath! Join us Halloween night after you're done IRL trick-or-treating and stop this villain from achieving godhood! Gear up. He's bound to be quite powerful at this point. 8:30 PM CST!

ALSO! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Make sure to traverse through Townington and go Trick-or-Treating! Most houses in the city have a chest in front of them. Loot them for some Halloween treats! You might get lucky and grab a spirit gem or a weapon! Good luck! Festivities will end this weekend, so grab what you can!

The Monster Squad has been diligently spying on the various night creatures. They've discovered several monsters congregating at a suspicious and haunted-looking house on the edge of the server. Follow their directions to the house and be ready to assault!
Vampires, mummies, and many other diabolical monsters could be waiting around the
corners. Not to mention the immense amount of loot! This is a legendary event after all!
Join in @ 7:00 PM (19:00) CST!

Be careful! And remember to spend those Spirit Gems at /WARP MONSTERSQUAD!

The first October Halloween-themed event is later today! This is like a Loot or Junk event with a major twist: some chests might spark a dangerous curse on the audience! So if you dare play, remember to bring weapons, armor, food, and potions! The rules are simple:

1.) Once you enter the warp or play by answering the horror trivia questions, you cannot leave the gameshow arena until the event is over (usually around an hour).

2.) You can only win 3 times. If you win more than that, please remain quiet and prepare for any dangerous curses that may be thrown onto the audience.

3.) Spelling counts! Full names, full movies titles, etc. A person that spells the answer wrong will not be rewarded unless nobody else answers correctly.

Collect all the Spirit Gems you can this month! A ragtag faction has emerged known as "The Monster Squad" and they're looking for potential new members who are dedicated to fighting the undead. Ever see the 1987 classic film? Anyway, you can visit their HQ at /Warp MonsterSquad and grab some custom gear for battling the undead. In the coming weeks, you're gonna need it...

Also a quick shout out to the anonymous donator who added 180 days to our site! You rock! Thanks a ton!

Trick or treat, everyone! I just uploaded a Halloween resource pack for the month of October. This resource pack is mainly comprised of music, so the amount of textures that have changed are low. Only a select few entities have had their texture changed.

This pack is a heftier one, so when is asks if you want to download it and you say yes, it’ll seem like nothing happened. Just wait a minute and it’ll start downloading. Don’t be discouraged if you disconnect from the download. It should work when you reconnect.

If the resource pack still doesn’t seem to be working, consider erasing your previous cached resource packs in your Minecraft folder. More info on how to do that here.

Larry is looking for mercinaries to protect him as he builds up his final tan before the summer season comes to an end! Mob spies have found his private beach from last year, and he's worried they will return to end his life due to his constant aid to the playerbase. Join us Sunday @ 6:30 PM CST to defend Larry, kill any intruders, grab rare treasures, and get a custom legendary item! Bring the sun tan lotion!

Note: There may be a few glitches during the event due to the state of the 1.13.1 update and the plugins we use (example: some custom mob attacks may not work). This may both benefit and cause some problems during the event. Worst case scenario we will move it to next week if we encounter problems before we begin!

Also! New world! Moving thread here!