Starting off the new year right! Loot or Junk V coming at you this Friday! 30 trivia questions with prizes from prize keys, a legendary item, to stacks of dirt! Be there!

Also! Cast and a few other staff members have been working diligently on a 2018 yearbook! It highlights all of our server events from last year. Looking at it now, we did A LOT! If you were apart of any of them, good on ya! Check it out as you might be in one of the photos:

World2 has only days left before it dies completely!  Don't be left behind!

The new world awaits!

Merry Chrimbus!

Falconer02 posted Dec 25, 18

THE FINAL LEGENDARY EVENT OF THE YEAR! Santa was on his delivery route when something exploded under his sleigh! What's worse is he crashlanded outside of THE WALL! An area infested with festive mobs! Fortunately he and his reindeer are all right, but his sleigh is under repair. Your mission tonight is to defend him and his loyal reindeer from an onslaught of terrible monsters. Bring plenty of health pots and repair stations for the horses...I mean...reindeer as they need to be protected at all cost! Santa needs at least two reindeer to make his flight, so keep them alive or Christmas might be cancelled! Succeed, and I'm sure the lovable saint will show his appreciation by letting his loyal defenders grab some of his glorious presents. Good luck!

A quick reminder incase you're curious: /Warp SantasVillage, TheWall, and Ice will still be available up until January 1st, so if you haven't collected all of the Christmas items, you still have time to do so! Merry Christmas Eve!

Legendary Event this Saturday! Be ready to save Santa and Christmas!

The newest raid is now live! /WARP ICE is a tough raid area, and we recommend not going at it alone. There are 3 areas to explore: The main pathway to the cabin (through the forest), Krampus' dual airships (you'll need an elytra to get up there!), and scaling the legendary MURDER MOUNTAIN! Don't elytra up there as the cold air can kill you quickly! Make your way to the top, then venture downward to Santa-Bot 3001's abandoned factory to see what lurks below!

Also The Grinch keeps appearing at Townington and is trying to ransack the city. If he shows up, kick him out! There are probably some Sugar Tokens in it for you!

Several things are happening between now and the new year! A strange small village has appeared near the Townington entrance full of Santa's prized posessions! Check it out at /WARP SANTASVILLAGE The villager-elf crew are selling them for Sugar Tokens, which can be found in events and raids through early January. Not only that, but upon arrival some of their gear was frozen in the pond, and (per day) it's slowly melting away! 12 in all. Sort of like the 12 days of Kitsmas from last year. What a coincidence!

Did I mention raids? Currently /WARP THEWALL is cluttered with a festive mob army! Gather a group of friends and take it back! Mobs regroup every 2 hours! This is currently the best way to gain sugar tokens, and there will be one more raid area opening before Christmas!

There will also be 2 Legendary Events happening before Christmas. One this coming Friday and one on Christmas Eve. Remember to read DreamerMike's posts below this one too! More info as the new week comes!


The animation and sound for Wild Diamonds episode 3 is completely done! This one took extra long to create, but it's over 8 minutes in length. The music is almost complete and it should be out very soon!

Christmas Wishlists!

Dreamermike posted Dec 14, 18

Have you mailed your wishlist to staff and Santa yet?

Drop them in the mailbox at /warp townington or /warp santasvillage!

Last chance to move!

Dreamermike posted Dec 13, 18

Pack your things!  2 weeks left!

First off...

On Thursday the 22nd there will be a few random events involving a certain Thanksgiving Chic...Turkey Mob. Be ready for it! But on Friday...

It's finally here! Fal-Mart is having it's annual sale on all server items! Rush in to loot...EVERYTHING!!! Tons of god and poly tools on clearance! Unique armor and weapons on every shelf! Enjin point coupons, Townington silver coins, Elytras, and OP pots found in every chest! Not to mention a LEGENDARY item stashed away in one of the chests!

Be careful though! Mob forces have been spotted lining up outside Falmart super early this year! They're here for the same reason you will be, so be prepared to do battle before Fal-Mart opens so you can get in the doors first, crush some skulls, and add to the Black Friday death count!

Here's the unofficial countdown clock!

But that's not all! If you donated this month, you'll receive an entry token to get into the event 10-15 seconds early if you're on before the event begins! This can also be achieved by buying an entry token with Enjin points HERE!

In other news:

Cast set up a TNA IG account! So if you want to make sure you see all of our future events and randomness, start following! 
IG: thenoobadventures

Wild Diamonds episode 3 is about 80% done and will probably be the longest episode yet! Here's a few screens of the early parts of the episode. Stay tuned.


Falconer02 posted Nov 9, 18

It's been a while since we've done Dodgeball Mania! Even if you don't win the Legendary, there's still plenty of loot to grab! ...except for one chest which will have dirt in it. So be there tomorrow at 4:30! Rules are simple:

1.) No items or buffs in the dodgeball arena.

2.) Each player can only win 3 rounds total.

See you there!