Introducing: TNA REALMS!!!

By Falconer02 - Posted Apr 1, 19

The admins and I have been hard at work getting this done, so come on and check out our new TNA Bedrock Realm (Hardcore Survival) server! It's primarily for players on Mobile, XBox, Switch, and of course Windows 10! If you'd like to check it out, click on this LINK or type in the link that's within the graphic!

You can currently check out the new rules and such in the new forum area under "The N00b Adventures Realms". But to sum it up, we will slowly be moving off of our main Beastnode server (closing May 30th), and starting anew with the Realms servers! A quick synopsis:

Pros of the move to Realms
- Officially support Microsoft Server (no more restarts)
- A new Adventures world
- A new hardcore Survival experience
- A larger world to explore
- A larger Nether / End to explore
- A minigame server!
- Players can regulate and moderate themselves (less reliance on staff)
- You can join the same server from Mobile, Switch, Windows 10 and XBox!
- Less server crashes / config required
- Grief and be griefed. But its a massive world, so if your build is far enough away you'll never have visitors
- Servers will always be full!
- No more mending!

- No more player regions
- We can't migrate player builds / chests / stuff
- No more OP custom items
- No more plugins
- No more ranks

So join in and let us know what you think!


Mike has created a new form up top! You've probably seen the announcements on the server though. ROAST THE STAFF! Top 5 roasts win! Enter as many times as you like! Winners will be posted this weekend!