By Falconer02 - Posted Mar 18, 19

7 years ago on this day, we opened up our server to the public! Little did we know the amount of epicness, mayhem, and gut-wrenching stress that would entail through the years. Diamondgeddon, switching from our original Minehost IP to Beastnode, being hit by random DDOS's, watching Gaylord play mind games and grief unsuspecting players, and banning hundreds upon hundreds of sociopathic hackers/modders...if you've been a part of the server for any number of these years, thank you so much for supporting and sticking with us. You guys and girls are truly amazing! Even if you're new here and enjoy playing with us all, I can say we're honored to have you in our community.

So that brings us to the main event...

Unfortunately the server's b-day this year lands on a Monday. This is statistically a bad day to do a major event. So why not do one this coming Saturday and have you all do a short treasure hunt till then and also win some b-day candles throughout the week via events? 

There are currently 7 chests with an "unlocked" block above them hiding around Townington! Go search for them and stash those b-day candles away for Saturday's rave event at Club Falcon! They may move randomly throughout the week, so be persistant!

There will be plenty of prizes given out during the event, but even more for people who collected the b-day candles! Also when you arrive at Club Falcon on Saturday, bring weapons and armor. Why? We've had a nasty habit of there being terror attacks on Townington in recent years...

But that's not all!

At checkout, use coupon code "TNA7" to get 10% off your entire order! Use it as many times as you want! The only catch is you have to do it through the website and be on the server too (/buy does not have the coupon option). This offer lasts till Sunday night (24th), so rack up those Enjin points and spend 'em on your construction projects! See you at Club Falcon on Saturday!