The Skrubbington Siege!

By Falconer02 - Posted Mar 7, 19

Another "Last Man Standing" Event coming up Saturday night! Be ready to defend Fort Skrubbington to the death! Vulgus's forces are slowly heading towards the fort. Weapons, armor, food, and first aid will be supplied by the Mayor of Skrubbington. Hold out as long as you can! You won't be going home empty handed though-

A.) Mob kills will (obviously) drop eco cash.
B.) Last 15 or more minutes, and everything in your inventory will be saved upon death!
C.) The last 3 players alive will receive a Prize Key!
D.) The final person alive will win a LEGENDARY item!

There are a few simple rules though asked from the mayor:

A.) You MUST fight!
B.) Aside from healing, you cannot go hide/camp in a corner.
C.) No player participating can be a "filler". This means showing up just to give another player your gear and then dying immediately. Both players will sentenced to time in prison!
D.) Each house is blocked off, so don't try to enter them! Defend them!
E.) No complaining! Remember to read any relevant signs around Skrubbington!