The staff and I have been busy moving the last of the warps and builds from world 2, so we've struggled to put out some major events in January. Fortunately these are happening this weekend! FRIDAY'S EVENT:

A major hunger games event! When was the last time we did it at the hunted arena? 20+ spots available! Just show up and you're in! Rules and regulations are fairly simple:

1.) No teaming. Punishment: Immediate disqualification.

2.) No bringing outside items into the arena. Punishment: Immediate disqualification.

3.) No shouting hints to other players. Punishment: You will be muted for several hours.

4.) No camping for extremely long periods of time. Punishment: Swarmed by mobs or fireworks

For the first day, saturation will be on (+1 food bar per 30-60 seconds). After the first day, this will shut off. Items laying about are in fairly bad condition, so it is recommended you scavenge/hunt down as much as you can! SATURDAY'S EVENT:

A day before the Super Bowl, fight the majority of the mob bosses at the Australis stadium! Gain server cash, enjin points, townington coins, rare event-based items, prize keys, and possibly a legendary! Enough said! See you there!