As of Friday, Wild Diamonds Episode 3 is OUT! About time, right? I was actually doing a lot of work on the next episodes during the production of this one as a lot of the voice actors were moving away, so that is why there was a huge gap between this and the last. It is the longest episode so far coming in at over 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Also...

If you haven't heard, Machinima was bought out by Otter Media and they just "privated" 7 years of videos between all of their major channels. Unfortunately this includes the majority of Noob Adventures episodes. I don't want to go over the details as I'm still in the fog with everyone else, so if you'd like to know more about the current situation, you can read this Kotaku article.

As I write this, I'm uncertain as to what is going to come of the series on the Youtube platform. I've emailed their support team and am hoping they'll just drop the old contracts due to a lot of content creators being upset over this move. It'd also be great to re-release the episodes in higher quality too! But at this very moment, the outlook is relatively bleak. I'll keep everyone updated as this ship moves forward though.

Fortunately the series is still live on Newgrounds, and you can watch the entirety of it HERE!