THE FINAL LEGENDARY EVENT OF THE YEAR! Santa was on his delivery route when something exploded under his sleigh! What's worse is he crashlanded outside of THE WALL! An area infested with festive mobs! Fortunately he and his reindeer are all right, but his sleigh is under repair. Your mission tonight is to defend him and his loyal reindeer from an onslaught of terrible monsters. Bring plenty of health pots and repair stations for the horses...I mean...reindeer as they need to be protected at all cost! Santa needs at least two reindeer to make his flight, so keep them alive or Christmas might be cancelled! Succeed, and I'm sure the lovable saint will show his appreciation by letting his loyal defenders grab some of his glorious presents. Good luck!

A quick reminder incase you're curious: /Warp SantasVillage, TheWall, and Ice will still be available up until January 1st, so if you haven't collected all of the Christmas items, you still have time to do so! Merry Christmas Eve!