Christmas Festivities!

By Falconer02 - Posted Dec 15, 18

Several things are happening between now and the new year! A strange small village has appeared near the Townington entrance full of Santa's prized posessions! Check it out at /WARP SANTASVILLAGE The villager-elf crew are selling them for Sugar Tokens, which can be found in events and raids through early January. Not only that, but upon arrival some of their gear was frozen in the pond, and (per day) it's slowly melting away! 12 in all. Sort of like the 12 days of Kitsmas from last year. What a coincidence!

Did I mention raids? Currently /WARP THEWALL is cluttered with a festive mob army! Gather a group of friends and take it back! Mobs regroup every 2 hours! This is currently the best way to gain sugar tokens, and there will be one more raid area opening before Christmas!

There will also be 2 Legendary Events happening before Christmas. One this coming Friday and one on Christmas Eve. Remember to read DreamerMike's posts below this one too! More info as the new week comes!


The animation and sound for Wild Diamonds episode 3 is completely done! This one took extra long to create, but it's over 8 minutes in length. The music is almost complete and it should be out very soon!