FAL-MART Black Friday Event!

By Falconer02 - Posted Nov 19, 18

First off...

On Thursday the 22nd there will be a few random events involving a certain Thanksgiving Chic...Turkey Mob. Be ready for it! But on Friday...

It's finally here! Fal-Mart is having it's annual sale on all server items! Rush in to loot...EVERYTHING!!! Tons of god and poly tools on clearance! Unique armor and weapons on every shelf! Enjin point coupons, Townington silver coins, Elytras, and OP pots found in every chest! Not to mention a LEGENDARY item stashed away in one of the chests!

Be careful though! Mob forces have been spotted lining up outside Falmart super early this year! They're here for the same reason you will be, so be prepared to do battle before Fal-Mart opens so you can get in the doors first, crush some skulls, and add to the Black Friday death count!

Here's the unofficial countdown clock!

But that's not all! If you donated this month, you'll receive an entry token to get into the event 10-15 seconds early if you're on before the event begins! This can also be achieved by buying an entry token with Enjin points HERE!

In other news:

Cast set up a TNA IG account! So if you want to make sure you see all of our future events and randomness, start following! 
IG: thenoobadventures

Wild Diamonds episode 3 is about 80% done and will probably be the longest episode yet! Here's a few screens of the early parts of the episode. Stay tuned.