Yo TNA folks, the yearly charity I do with my group of friends is coming back around this time! Its called Extra Life. Pretty much, my friends and I will be doing a 12 hr gaming stream this year. For where the donations go, we choose a hospital of our choice and every donation goes to said hospital. They can choose to like buy hospital supplies or buy games for the children to play. The hospital we chose is the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. 

Falc's being awesome and said that anyone who donates for server (use the link I give you that goes to my page, all donations with your IGN will be automatically added in enjin) in the first 3 days of November will be going to charity :). So pretty much you'll get his usual and youll also get some as thanks from me! 

You can get more information at this post. 

Also here's the twitch handle for the stream!