The first October Halloween-themed event is later today! This is like a Loot or Junk event with a major twist: some chests might spark a dangerous curse on the audience! So if you dare play, remember to bring weapons, armor, food, and potions! The rules are simple:

1.) Once you enter the warp or play by answering the horror trivia questions, you cannot leave the gameshow arena until the event is over (usually around an hour).

2.) You can only win 3 times. If you win more than that, please remain quiet and prepare for any dangerous curses that may be thrown onto the audience.

3.) Spelling counts! Full names, full movies titles, etc. A person that spells the answer wrong will not be rewarded unless nobody else answers correctly.

Collect all the Spirit Gems you can this month! A ragtag faction has emerged known as "The Monster Squad" and they're looking for potential new members who are dedicated to fighting the undead. Ever see the 1987 classic film? Anyway, you can visit their HQ at /Warp MonsterSquad and grab some custom gear for battling the undead. In the coming weeks, you're gonna need it...

Also a quick shout out to the anonymous donator who added 180 days to our site! You rock! Thanks a ton!