1.13 Update!

By Falconer02 - Posted Sep 2, 18

(This news post is a week late, but) Finally! And we didn't have to wait as long as usual! The entire MC community has been pretty good with getting this update sorted out, and the TNA staff has been amazingly diligent in getting things up and running. We've decided to do a world move. Players will be able to move their items and builds as soon as the staff has sorted out and moved the warps and the lock plugin gets an update.

Pengi is working on a "rules" thread on transferring builds. With the updates in the "World Edit" plugin, huge builds shouldn't be too resource-intensive, so large builds will be able to transfer. I imagine the thread can be summed up with saying "No crappy builds!", though there will obviously be more rules than that! Obviously you'll need to select a space and mark it out accordingly for us once the new world opens up to all.


Kit 4 was unlocked in August, so this kit will be updated and extended till Friday the 7th. Any donations between now and then will go towards September goals of course.

EDIT 9/7- Legendary Event has been cancelled due to server updating issues and will probably happen next weekend. Sorry about that! Mythic Mobs as well as a handful of other plugins are still down, so unfortunately that means we cannot host any major events that rely on plugins.

Server move link here: SERVER MOVE 2018