By Falconer02 - Posted Aug 21, 18

Many years ago, a player who wasn't very good at creating video games and server events mysteriously disappeared. Before his departure, he wished to host a legendary event. It is believed that he was killed in a tragic real-life accident, and the event he wished our playerbase to partake in wasn't finished and remained hidden...until now.

The administators recently stumbled across his region. While accidentally clicking a button, new events, enemies, and areas were unlocked throughout the server. Further inspection indicated this was meant for the playerbase to solve and win the treasures the Game Maker had created.

On friday @ 4:30 PM CST, report to the Townington Market and prepare for a quest unlike any in TNA history! Not only will your Minecraft skills be tested, but your arcade skills as well! Be sure to be on a decent laptop or PC when you do this one and have a decent connection so you can download a few games!

The winner shall receive a powerful legendary and the keys to the Game Maker's estate. This will include whatever he left in his home before his untimely death. Participants will find some amazing treasures as well! Good luck!