As the title states we are whitelisting the server for a few minutes to an hour to try and figure out why it's happening. we pretty much know why, now its to isolate the problem and not crash it. 


Update: Server has been crashing regularly.  Number of possible issues.  Reviewing log files, player behaviour, etc.  Looking to fix this ASAP.  We're whitelisting for 60 mins just to slowly digest what's going on.

Do not log in using a chat app such as MineChat or PickAxeChat (or if you do, make sure you've set the server version to 1.12).  I'll tempban players who abuse this.

Update 2: Turns out /spawn is causing issues, so I've taken permission away from users to use that command right now.  Staff can still use the command, but it crashes the server.

Update 3: We've got a temporary fix.  Everything looks stable, but we'll keep an eye on it.  People are able to die and respawn normally, but we'll keep /spawn and /suicide out of reach for now.  Chat apps appear to work OK too, but some people opt to automatically /spawn when they do (which won't work).  I suggest doing /warp townington as soon as you log in via one of these Chat apps.

Update 4: Fixed.  Shouldn't cause the server to crash anymore.