So we had some pretty epic April Fools jokes this month. Incase you fell for a few of them, I will spell them out:

No, we are not adding the fake "Cheat Check" plugin. If you were mad by this prank and voiced your disdain, you should be proud!

No, I'm not quitting animation in favor of making simple games. New animation coming out soon!

The April 1st kit was just a bunch of mediocre items. If you waited a bit longer, you got a special Easter kit! And new players got quite a surprise!

Yes, the 2nd Legendary Event was not a fun looting event and was actually a social experiment to gauge how players react to a sudden change in environmental variables. Dreamermike is working on making this event a staple on the server!


3rd Legendary Event this month!

Also Castman is starting a Weekly Build spotlight! Click here to check it out!