A happy Easter to you all! When you're done visiting family, hop on the server for 2 special events! First up is the Easter Defense event. The Easter Bunny is under heavy fire from various factions and wildlife! Protect the cute rabbit from harm while he takes his break, and he'll reward you all handsomely when he's ready to continue his journey! Sunday @ 7:00 PM CST! Be there! Need a time converter? Click here!

Second event tonight? We recently discovered a large and old abandoned region. Within it was a player's will that said he wanted his region to be looted by any available players. Have you ever been to one of our looting brigades? It's sort of like that, except PvP will be off and you have to start with nothing! Who knows what lies in the ol' holiday home? Rare items? A legendary!? JUNK!? Beware any random mobs that might be lurking about! If you manage to get yourself killed, you can't re-enter! Be careful! Sunday @ 8:00 PM CST! Be there!

What else is new? This is the time of the year (March, April) when the winter blues is slowly disappearing and EVERYONE is busy with a lot of school, work, or other activities. We tend to use this time to plan out spring and summer events when we're not busy ourselves! Some of the staff are working on a putting together a Podcast and a weekly build showcase-- more info on that will be released later of course. Most importantly though, we are adding an important slick new plugin to cut back on potential hackers and modders! It's very important you read up on it as we want to make sure all of our players understand how it works. Click here to read more!

Lastly...on a very sad note...I've finally given up on animating. I've watched the world of media as it is for quite a few years now and realized it's just not worth it anymore. I had to cancel a few projects due to this decision (including TSC and another secretive MC cartoon), but fortunately I'm pursuing my second favorite hobby-- making games! I've actually been working on an exciting adventure game for the last 3 years in my spare time, and you can finally try the beta version of it here before I release it on Steam and the PSN!

Download Link (5 Mb)

Give it a quick playtest and then do me a favor by letting me know what you think about it in this thread!