Loot or Junk IV!!!

By Falconer02 - Posted Jan 12, 18

More psychotic trivia coming Saturday! Rules are simple--

1.) NO SPAMMING. Mutes and jail time will be given out to those who are rude.

2.) Use visible color codes for your public chat text. No dark purples or blues please!

3.) There are 30 questions. Players are limited to 3 wins. If a player wins 3 times and continues to blurt out answers, they will be muted for an hour.

4.) Spelling counts!...for the first minute. If nobody answers the question after a full minute and one player gives a mispelled correct answer, they will be given the prize.

5.) Funny answers will gain you points. The person with the funniest amount of answers at the end of the game will get a special choice between 2 chests. One will contain loot, one junk. It is recommended this not be your primary objective though!

More will be posted here later so stay tuned!