Enough said! If you'd like to see the books in their raw form, you can check them out here (small zip file with jpgs). There's also an event coming next week, and if you're a veteran player I think you know what it is!

Update: THE FAL-MART BLACK FRIDAY LEGENDARY EVENT HAPPENS THIS FRIDAY @ 4:30 CST! Wondering when that is? Use this Time Converter to figure it out yourself! Or just join our Steam Group and you'll get a warning 10-15 minutes before it happens. There's plenty of unique items at Fal-Mart this year so show up, grab some free items, and bust some skulls open!

But that's not all! If you donated this month, you'll get into the event 10-15 seconds early if you're on before the event begins! This can also be achieved by buying an entry token with Enjin points HERE (limited quantity)!

...But wait! There's more! Fal-Mart is actually only half of the event! After the store is cleared out, be ready for another event taking place right after where you can get even more goods for your insane desires! More info will be released during the event...

...oh and we'll also be holding events on Thanksgiving throughout the day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!