Allied forces have discovered that the Count has made Helmsdeep his new home! His undead forces have evolved the look, and it is now an area full of peril! We need to take back the keep, find Cel Tradat, and send him back to the blocky hell he was spawned from. Legendary Larry will be in the area if you have any spirit gems you haven't spent! Fight, collect any rare items, and maybe you'll find a legendary weapon? Good luck!


TSC Episode 1 is done and we're currently awaiting the music to be finished. My good German pal Chris Schlee is hard at work doing it at the moment, so hopefully it will be done within 1-2 weeks. It's over 7 minutes long and there are 5 major segments, so that's a lot of work! Nevertheless, November release imminent!

Another event is happening Saturday! Pengi is hosting a fundraiser to support children's hospitals, so tune in on Twitch this Saturday and donate to the cause if you can! Any player who does so will get their donation also thrown onto our monthly donator goal tiers also (Current example- GUYWITHFACE7! Thanks, bro!). Be an altruist and check it out, won't ya?