Chupa has been hard at work on a rigorous halloween event. 4 players will be stripped of all gear, muted, and thrown into the mansion. They must find their way out with only their wits and whatever items they can find along the way. Those who manage to successfully navigate the mansion will find themselves winning some rare and epic prizes!

The event will be held 1-2 times per day depending on population, so if you gather a team, we will likely open the event for you. Good luck!

Pengi's (imaginary) friends are going to host a 25-Hour gaming charity challenge on their Twitch stream November 4th-5th. All proceeds go to the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. Any player who wants to help out via donate, add your ign or pm Pengi. He'll give you something in game as a thanks! Oh, and it will also be added to November's donation goals for the server as well.


Pengi's Extra Life Group

2 more major events are on the horizon before Halloween, so check back soon!