The Renegade Faction is attempting to resurrect a powerful ancient vampire king by spilling the blood of an innocent villager! Join us this Saturday to stop them! Succeed in defending the villager's life OR defeat the vampire king for epic prizes! Legendary Larry will be there looking for unique undead items, so the more you kill off the Renegades or the undead forces, the better the chance you have at retrieving the Legendary he's selling! Good luck!

OTHER HALLOWEEN NEWS: There has been some massive planning and coordination going on with the staff since mid-September for our October events, so expect larger and larger events every week this month! The Tier IV kit comes out friday night!

OTHER NEWS: Because TSC was dormant for much of the summer, I'm slowly getting back to work on it at a steady pace. As you can see from my final timeline below, there is almost 6 minutes of footage completed. The final product should have anywhere between 6-7 minutes, so I'm getting pretty close. I'm currently working on the final 'book' animation, but I might add one more super-short one that's only 25 seconds long. I'm REALLY hoping for a November release. After that, if people do enjoy it, I'm thinking of just doing an animated book a month or something rather than these long episodes due to wait times. What do you think? Comment below! Also, stay tuned!