King Vulgus, a long time supporter of Townington and the player-base, has decided to switch sides and join the undead forces! The Mob Alliance and Renegade factions are raising their swords to his vast wealth and power. Naturally, we must take the fight to his doorstep and stop this alliance! Expect heavy resistance all over his keep! Secure his diabolical fortress and slay the king! But that's not the only mission...

Legendary Larry will be on the sidelines supporting you! He's looking for "Vulgus Tokens"-- an uncommon currency used in Vulgus's kingdom. While raiding, you will stumble upon chests containing these tokens. Killing bosses will release a bunch of these tokens as well! The first person to bring Larry 100 tokens will win a legendary! He's also trading other items such as armor, enjin point tickets, drinks, and gapples! The token chests will restock every 5 minutes, so look around for new chests while securing the kingdom to heighten your chances of getting 100!

Once all the bosses are defeated, cohorts are slain, and legendary is claimed, the event shall end! So be ready for an epic romp through a dangerous small kingdom! Good luck!