Falconer02 posted Sun at 1:58

Happy Easter! As the Easter bunny finishes his rounds of hiding eggs all around the world, he has planned on taking a small ship home. Whenever he gets close to our server, trouble tends to brew. Coincidentally enough, a photo was found floating in the water near the edge of the port town where the friendly rabbit is arriving tomorrow night:

It's probably nothing, but should you find yourself looking for mercinary/protection work tomorrow night, join and and escort the rabbit home! I'm sure he'll be happy to reward you! Gear up though-- we'll make sure to supply you with a few things, but bring your own weapons and armor just incase!

ALSO...have you checked out the easter decorations around Townington? Beautiful work!

30 questions! 30 prizes! It's not Halloween, but we're re-adding the curses this time around! Show up ready to fight incase someone unlocks one! Saturday @ 4:30 PM CST! Mini-Legendary to be found in there too! Be there! Rules are very simple of course:

1.) Each player can win a MAXIMUM of 3 chests! If you achieve this, please sit back and enjoy the contest! Please do not answer after this!

2.) No spamming! Spamming = mute!

3.) Please use chat colors that are easy to see (no dark reds, purples, grays, etc.).

4.) If you win, please choose a chest quickly and exit stage right! Let's be efficient!

See you there!


Falconer02 posted Apr 2, 19

No, we're not moving to Realms and the server isn't shutting down! To sum up what happens when you first enter the Realms server, you are greeted with this epic masterpiece of Gaylordean Art:

Surprisingly we fooled a lot of people. Not to mention causing true anguish to some!

If you're mad, why don't you take a second and go up top to roast us?
If you want to see the Gaylordean Art in person, why not visit the Realm?  We'll leave it open for a week.

The admins and I have been hard at work getting this done, so come on and check out our new TNA Bedrock Realm (Hardcore Survival) server! It's primarily for players on Mobile, XBox, Switch, and of course Windows 10! If you'd like to check it out, click on this LINK or type in the link that's within the graphic!

You can currently check out the new rules and such in the new forum area under "The N00b Adventures Realms". But to sum it up, we will slowly be moving off of our main Beastnode server (closing May 30th), and starting anew with the Realms servers! A quick synopsis:

Pros of the move to Realms
- Officially support Microsoft Server (no more restarts)
- A new Adventures world
- A new hardcore Survival experience
- A larger world to explore
- A larger Nether / End to explore
- A minigame server!
- Players can regulate and moderate themselves (less reliance on staff)
- You can join the same server from Mobile, Switch, Windows 10 and XBox!
- Less server crashes / config required
- Grief and be griefed. But its a massive world, so if your build is far enough away you'll never have visitors
- Servers will always be full!
- No more mending!

- No more player regions
- We can't migrate player builds / chests / stuff
- No more OP custom items
- No more plugins
- No more ranks

So join in and let us know what you think!


Mike has created a new form up top! You've probably seen the announcements on the server though. ROAST THE STAFF! Top 5 roasts win! Enter as many times as you like! Winners will be posted this weekend!

7 years ago on this day, we opened up our server to the public! Little did we know the amount of epicness, mayhem, and gut-wrenching stress that would entail through the years. Diamondgeddon, switching from our original Minehost IP to Beastnode, being hit by random DDOS's, watching Gaylord play mind games and grief unsuspecting players, and banning hundreds upon hundreds of sociopathic hackers/modders...if you've been a part of the server for any number of these years, thank you so much for supporting and sticking with us. You guys and girls are truly amazing! Even if you're new here and enjoy playing with us all, I can say we're honored to have you in our community.

So that brings us to the main event...

Unfortunately the server's b-day this year lands on a Monday. This is statistically a bad day to do a major event. So why not do one this coming Saturday and have you all do a short treasure hunt till then and also win some b-day candles throughout the week via events? 

There are currently 7 chests with an "unlocked" block above them hiding around Townington! Go search for them and stash those b-day candles away for Saturday's rave event at Club Falcon! They may move randomly throughout the week, so be persistant!

There will be plenty of prizes given out during the event, but even more for people who collected the b-day candles! Also when you arrive at Club Falcon on Saturday, bring weapons and armor. Why? We've had a nasty habit of there being terror attacks on Townington in recent years...

But that's not all!

At checkout, use coupon code "TNA7" to get 10% off your entire order! Use it as many times as you want! The only catch is you have to do it through the website and be on the server too (/buy does not have the coupon option). This offer lasts till Sunday night (24th), so rack up those Enjin points and spend 'em on your construction projects! See you at Club Falcon on Saturday!

Another "Last Man Standing" Event coming up Saturday night! Be ready to defend Fort Skrubbington to the death! Vulgus's forces are slowly heading towards the fort. Weapons, armor, food, and first aid will be supplied by the Mayor of Skrubbington. Hold out as long as you can! You won't be going home empty handed though-

A.) Mob kills will (obviously) drop eco cash.
B.) Last 15 or more minutes, and everything in your inventory will be saved upon death!
C.) The last 3 players alive will receive a Prize Key!
D.) The final person alive will win a LEGENDARY item!

There are a few simple rules though asked from the mayor:

A.) You MUST fight!
B.) Aside from healing, you cannot go hide/camp in a corner.
C.) No player participating can be a "filler". This means showing up just to give another player your gear and then dying immediately. Both players will sentenced to time in prison!
D.) Each house is blocked off, so don't try to enter them! Defend them!
E.) No complaining! Remember to read any relevant signs around Skrubbington!

TNA Auction House!

Falconer02 posted Feb 21, 19

Want to own a small piece of TNA history? An old sword from World 1? OP boots? Weird rarities from an old admin? Or just have a shot at a Prize Key and with that a Legendary? Be on Saturday! Or leave a bid on this thread and hopefully you'll win!

World 2 is GONE! That means there should be more server stability. We will be expanding the world slightly soon as well as restarts happening every 6 hours instead of 3. Also the Enjin store is slowly getting an overhaul, so check it out either on the site up top or by typing /BUY. More on that later!

Cupid's Grove

Falconer02 posted Feb 14, 19

Cupid has been spotted giving some dealers rare items! Could their possibly be a legendary item in the mix? Saturday 5:00 PM CST! Bring a sword and armor! Though the area is a low-level threat, you might be fighting occasionally! Collect hearts and exchange them with the dealers for rare stuff!

Also, READ THIS THREAD!!! The fate of your builds may depend on it!

A last-man-standing legendary event? And you don't have to lose any of your own equipment? Rules are very simple!
1.) Listen for instructions on where to go! Failure to do so may kill you!
2.) No camping/hiding. You must defend Helm's Deep from the monster hoards!
3.) No teleporting back in if you die!

Players will be armed with Diamond Prot IV Unb III armor, Sharp V Smite V Unb 3 swords, Power V Bow w/ 128 arrows, 2 god apples, 1 health potion, and 32 steak! See you tomorrow!

The staff and I have been busy moving the last of the warps and builds from world 2, so we've struggled to put out some major events in January. Fortunately these are happening this weekend! FRIDAY'S EVENT:

A major hunger games event! When was the last time we did it at the hunted arena? 20+ spots available! Just show up and you're in! Rules and regulations are fairly simple:

1.) No teaming. Punishment: Immediate disqualification.

2.) No bringing outside items into the arena. Punishment: Immediate disqualification.

3.) No shouting hints to other players. Punishment: You will be muted for several hours.

4.) No camping for extremely long periods of time. Punishment: Swarmed by mobs or fireworks

For the first day, saturation will be on (+1 food bar per 30-60 seconds). After the first day, this will shut off. Items laying about are in fairly bad condition, so it is recommended you scavenge/hunt down as much as you can! SATURDAY'S EVENT:

A day before the Super Bowl, fight the majority of the mob bosses at the Australis stadium! Gain server cash, enjin points, townington coins, rare event-based items, prize keys, and possibly a legendary! Enough said! See you there!